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Snuggle Safe

We are a Family Company, here to share with your family a system of sleep that can help make those sleep problems disappear.

Do you know a cot jumper?  A baby who kicks the blankets off at night and gets a chill in the early hours or your up all night checking them?  Know a child who will not stay in bed?  Know a baby transitioning from the cot to an open bed and worried they will fall out?? Snuggle Safe helps with these issues and so much more.  A tried and proven system that offers a comfortable safe option to you and baby for years of restful sleep.
Snuggle Safe is like a comforting hug at night, with freedom to move with out the issues.
Baby can sleep back front or side no issue, no worrying about baby crawling under blankets or into the cot corner under a bumper.
From cot size to full single bed take one with you when you travel to give your child that comfort of home and you the peace of mind you have at home whilst on the road.